Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Plotting the next steps...

So I've been in Los Angeles almost 2 months and I've done more than I thought I would, but still, I feel like there is more left to do soon. I did get out here close to the end of pilot season, true, so I'm not going to be starring in some  hit show in the fall. Besides, I have no agent, no manager and know close to nobody in town. That's okay though. I'm just sitting here thinking about what I need to be doing between now and next pilot season. I need to go do some stand-up at the The Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory. I need to do some short films or student films to get more experience and pad my resume. I need to do more theater, no matter how scary it is. I need to do a commercial or two! Commercials pay really well usually, and L.A. rent is way more than Chicago Ridge rent! Lol

What I'm trying to say is, I always feel the need to push myself. If I think I'm doing well for 5 minutes, I develop new standards of what "well" is defined as. For example, I moved here, auditioned for one play and now I'm in a 8-week run at a theater in Hollywood. Yeah, that's a big friggin' deal! But I want more! I want more plays! I want to be busy nonstop. Sitting still is not good for me. Sitting still allows me time to think, and for an over-thinker like myself, that's just too much not good!

So in the meanwhile, while I save up for more acting classes and register Ani for Kindgergarten and the twins for Preschool, I'll be sitting here, writing, and concentrating on the play I'm currently in. Oh, and plotting the next steps! I think I might have the whole rest of my year figured out! This plan includes acting, directing and pilates! Mama needs to lose the rest of this baby weight! This is just getting ridiculous now. I'm going to start lying to people and tell them I just had the twins just so they feel sorry for me! LOL


(Yes, I realize I didn't put the 's' on laters. I'm trying something new!)

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