Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Tragedy...

Today, I saw a 3 year old little boy get pinned between and SUV and a mini van in my parking lot. He was apparently standing there with his family, washing their van when this woman neighbor comes barreling into the parking lot quickly and hits the little boy, pinning him between her SUV and his family's van. It was terrible. I heard the loud boom from my kitchen and ran downstairs, afraid Bry was in an accident because he had just left for work. He wasn't involved and had left already, but people were screaming that a child was stuck between the two cars. I couldn't see over the woman's SUV that blocked that path, near the mailboxes. I dialed 911 and had to walk away for a few moments so the dispatcher could hear me over the loud noises of people yelling. Somehow, all of the people out there, including the kid's dad, was able to pull the car off of him. Then, he was just laying there, almost in a state of shock, on the ground. I had to run back upstairs to check on my kids, then I ran back downstairs.

Last I heard from my building manager, is that the little boy is in the ICU. His poor parents. His mother was huddled over him while the paramedics put a neck brace on him. She had blood on her shirt. I'll never forget that image. Or the sound of her screaming when I first got downstairs. Or the fact that the little boy's 12 year old brother was crying and no one was comforting him. I went over to him and got his name, his age and started trying to reassure him. Poor thing felt awful, like it was somehow his fault. I then told his father what apartment I lived in and my  name, as they'd only just moved in recently, and told him if his family needed anything to let us know. I'll go check on them tomorrow morning.

After that, I just hung out with my kids. We laid in my bed and watched cartoons, then I went into their room and played with them for a while. My twins will be 3 in a week.

Pray for that poor little boy. And his family.

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