Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hmmm...so what am I up to...?

I'm still fundraising for "Dead Oliver". We're still in pre-production and thinking about who's going to play the role of Oliver. In the meantime, it's not too late to donate to get an IMDB credit as a producer! www.indiegogo.com/deadoliverfilm

Also, I'm trying to find a yoga or pilates class nearby. I really wanted to go to Winsor Pilates, but that's all the way in West Hollywood, which is like, 45 minutes on a good day. It's probably better to work out closer to home.

Oh, and I register Ani for kindergarten next week. I'm nervous. It's going to be really hard being away from her. She's a great kid. I'm just going to miss her during the day. She's my oldest, and yes, she's 5 and she's ready to be away from her mommy at least some of the day, but still...I'll miss her. At least the twins will still be home with me.

Oh, and I've been totally obsessing over Marilyn Monroe! Obviously, I've always known who she is, and I've seen several of her kids, mostly when I was a kid. I saw "Niagara" and "Some Like It Hot" as a kid with my mom, but more recently I've seen "The Seven Year Itch", and I just want to watch it over and over again! I'm totally obsessed! I get the fascination with her, now more than ever. Why was she that gorgeous and talented?! How was she even human? My God. Then Bry bought me the Life magazine tribute to her. I'm going to go visit her grave next week. I'm going to put flowers. God, I love her.

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  1. I count Mrs. Monroe as one of my all time heroes. I read that magazine and loved it. I pretty much know all there is to be knows. If you could see my office you would think I was an obsessed maniac, and I thank netflix everyday for having almost all of ther movies available. Gentlemen prefer blondes is probably my all time fave.

  2. Rent 'Don't Bother To Knock'. Her best dramatic role. She was really a very good actress, they just put her in stereotypical roles because it fit her. She could have been an awesome dramatic actress.

  3. I told her about "Don't Bother to Knock". Marilyn was a lost little girl who lived a tragic life & died way too soon. She was amazing & so underrated. There was a great exhibit on her at the Chicago Cultural Center several years ago...I bought the book. Ooh, I need to pull out my Marilyn purse!