Saturday, June 28, 2014

Commentary on R. Kelly and such...

Me the other day at Guitar Center in West Hollywood

What have I been up to you ask? Well, I've had a pretty boring week. I can't say totally boring, just nothing really super interesting happened. Yesterday was pretty cool. I was watching TMZ Live and noticed they put up my Tweet about R. Kelly. Supposedly he has a daughter who identifies as a male and he's acting ashamed. During an interview, he said it wasn't true, though his daughter, now his son, Jay, apparently has said more than a few times on social media that he identifies as a boy. This kid is 13, I think, and I bet R. Kelly hates that people are talking about it.

Okay, I get how some celebrities don't want to talk too much about their children to the press, I get that. Perhaps he didn't want to discuss his personal business, I get that too, but the interview was more along the lines of "It's not true" and just complete denial. But like I said on TMZ Live, this kid probably has to deal with way more denial on his end when it comes to his father and the allegations against him!

I've read and heard stories of how R. Kelly used to pick up teenage girls outside of high schools in Chicago while he was a 20-something year old man. We all know the stories. And seriously, I don't know what Lady Gaga was thinking when she did that song "Do What You Want With My Body" with that fool. Has she been living under a rock all of these years? And then the snippet of the video that TMZ obtained that they never released showed Lady Gaga as being sedated while R. Kelly and others threw a party around her. Such a weird video. I'm glad it was never released.

Also on Friday I did commentary for Inside Edition but it got bumped for other stories. It's happened before and that's just the nature of those types of news shows but I can't say I wasn't a little disappointed. I'm looking for work for the fall, but for now, I'm cool with the occasional appearance on IE or TMZ just because my kids are home for the summer and I'm not willing to leave them with some stranger. But in the fall, I'm going hard. I'll line up some more stand-up shows and auditions then. At least now I have a manager who can help me find these things.

Still crossing my fingers that Undateable gets picked up for a second season and perhaps they'll need another writer...namely ME.


Video of my TMZ Live comment:

My latest appearance on Inside Edition:

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  1. Luckily I'm old man in a 28 year old body who rarely listens to music recorded after like '92, so I don't have much invested in R Kelly and definitely not "Lady Gaga."
    I too hope Undateable gets picked up, It's so good for so many reasons. And Ms. Angie Grace as Staff Writer, like, hell yes to mere idea even!