Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Because now...I live in L.A.!

The view out of my living room window!

I live in L.A.! It's about time, right?! How long have I been blogging about and tweeting about moving here? We finally did it yesterday! It was a long flight, with 3 kids...a flight we almost missed...I mean, we had to literally run to the gate, and were the last people on the plane! People were complaining! Then we couldn't all find seats together! It was a horrific experience, but we figured it out, and after all of the worrying about if the girls would freak out being on a plane for the first time, my girls actually found it exciting! And the 4 hour trip really wasn't that bad considering they had a movie to watch, they had Leapsters, which is this hand-held learning game, and they had snacks. The twins even took a nap! And then Ani took a nap in the cab on the way home from LAX. It was dark by the time we got to our new neighborhood, so things didn't get really real until this morning when I woke up with all of this sunlight in my windows and seeing the houses on the hills around us.

The other great thing is being this close to my best friend, who now lives 7 minutes away, as opposed to when we lived in Chicago and she lived in the northwest suburbs and I lived in the southwest suburbs. It was a pretty long drive!

Anyway, I'm tired from the move, the flight, the agitation of all of this, but guess what?! It was so worth it! Because now...I live in L.A.!!!


  1. And I do too! I'll take smog over snow anyday!

  2. Beautiful view from your window!

  3. I'm so glad we won't have to deal with the snow again! And Kecia, that's the view in my bedroom and living room!