Saturday, March 31, 2012

A poem based on a film I'm writing...

This is a poem I wrote based on a screenplay I'm writing entitled "Hello Again". I'm afraid to talk too much about it, fearing someone will steal the idea, but it is about reincarnation and past lives. I just just wrote this, so I don't even have a title yet? Suggestions??

I've dreamt of lights in the sky
On fire and blazing
So beautifully, burning bright
As I did that day staring into the sun
Why do you seem so sad?
As if wishes were meaningless
You've dreamt too
Staring at the sky
Burning bright and full
With my eyes closed,
No roof to my sky
No palace to hide
No shame to set aside
I told you my secrets
You shared yours with me
And I felt myself die
Just a little,
Melting into your arms
And eyes
As I have withered
As I have died
I'm full of dramatics
I'm full of lies
But never once did I cry
Or once did I die
Or once did I lie
While staring into your eyes.

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