Monday, March 26, 2012

Not at that Studio!

Had a tiring day. Took the kids to Albertsons to get some food. We were completely out of milk and juice as of this morning! I love that we're not that far from any store, especially grocery stores. Just a quick drive away. I got everyone in the house, got them lunch, then came and laid down on the couch while they were laying down in their room. And by laying down, I mean they were supposed to, but instead were up playing around and giggling loudly. I yelled once or twice "get back in bed!" but whatever. They didn't listen. But at least I got some quiet time on the couch, until Bry started calling and texting me. He wanted to get on Skype and see us, so I got the girls out of the room so they can see their dad on the computer. Skype is a really good thing because it's keeping us from missing him too much. He may not be here physically, but his presence is. That's definitely good.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a talent manager. It's mostly for the girls. Ani keeps saying "I want to dance on a stage". She saw a small part of the show "Dance Moms" yesterday and now she's sure she wants to go take dance classes. I said "Not at that studio!" Haha!



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