Monday, March 19, 2012

A Really Nice Place with a Great View

It's kinda hard moving across the country, getting things in order, finding your way around a new city, and being sick all week. I believe I got sick first, just a sore throat and stopped up nose. Then, going through Hollywood in my best friends' car, on the way back, Mia throws up, then is running a fever. Then Laila threw up in our van a few days later. Now Bry is sick. And it's chilly in L.A. right now! Oh, and it's warm as crap in Chicago right now! Talk about luck...

But we got all of our stuff, we went to Ikea and Target and got a new dresser, bookshelves, hangers, etc. and Bry has been putting stuff together. It's a really nice place with a great view!

Oh, and did I mention Bry has to go back to Chicago temporarily?! Yeah, it's making me all suicide-y.
I'm not going to dwell on that right now. We're watching "Breaking Bad", which is an amazing show! Laters.

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