Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Haven't Seen the Ocean Yet

It's been a rough week, with Bry in Chicago and me in L.A. with the kids. Then on top of that, the twins locked themselves in their bedroom last night at bed time. Talk about panic for a minute there! I was able to talk them into just turning knob and opening it, but right after that I taped the part that goes into the wall! I will be replacing those doorknobs this week! First, I have to find a hardware store...or a Home Depot.

I've had time to work on some things, though I haven't been sleeping really well without him. You have to understand, though we've had our problems in the past, this is someone I spend a shitload of time with. I'm not just afraid to be on my own with 3 kids, especially in California, far away from family, I just really miss him. He and I spend time joking around and watching t.v. and even cleaning with him can be fun.

But whatever, I'm okay, trying not to overthink things, and he'll be home sooner than I know it. I have a very important business dinner this Tuesday night. Kinda nervous about it, though I've met with this person before. It's a talent manager who is interested in signing the girls, and perhaps me. So we'll see how this goes.

Ani is bugging me right now, playing Angry Birds on my Kindle while she awaits her bedtime. I send the twins to bed first, then Ani 30 minutes later. If I send all three to bed at the same time, silliness ensues. They get a little overexcited being around their big sister sometimes.

Other than the stress of being away from my husband of 7 years, I've enjoyed living here. The sun shines so bright, the people are so friendly, and I'm loving walking the girls to the playground. It's such a nice, safe, clean neighborhood. I can't wait until Bry gets back and we can go out exploring! I haven't seen the ocean yet!!!

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