Friday, February 28, 2014

Rainy L.A. Day ramblings

I haven't been keeping up this blog as much as I should because I've been too busy writing for everyone else. That's my problem, though. Lately, I say 'yes' to practically everything, thinking it's a good opportunity or thinking "hey, why not?" and then I over-stress myself and then don't have time for things I actually like to do. Like this blog...something I actually used to update because I liked to.

I use to have a lot of readers of this thing. At one point in time, I was updating once or twice a week. But lately, all of my creative energies have been going elsewhere. And I don't do that much stand-up. I mean, I could be trying harder to book shows, but the truth of the matter is I like doing stand-up, but it's not my favorite thing in the world. These comics I see doing open mics and shows all the time, I commend them. But they also probably enjoy it more than I do. I love being on stage, but I get so nervous beforehand, I nearly puke. It's probably because I haven't been doing it that long. I get that. I also do stand-up when I have time, and as a mom to 3 and I have a husband, I don't have a shitload of time. I don't know. I'm rambling.

I keep saying things will be easier once the twins start school. Then I won't worry so much about being out late because yeah, I'll still have to get up early in the morning to take them to school, but then I can come right back home and sleep! I'd also have time to work more on jokes.

I'm getting over 2 weeks of being sick. First, I pulled something in my back, then I got the worse cold I've had in years! I mean, I'm still blowing my nose and have a slightly sore throat. I'm not 100% yet. It's weird, because usually I feel when I'm getting sick and fight it off with sleep, medicine, juice, etc. This time, it came out of nowhere! I was sidelined, severely. I had to cancel a few shows. It sucked.

Thank God I'm okay now. I just got through watching The Jungle Book with my girls and eating popcorn. We all stayed in because of this severely rainy weather. I swear, I would've scoffed at this weather in Chicago. L.A. is changing me, you guys!

So yeah, I'll update this thingy more often and maybe I'll get some of my readers back! Love you guys!

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