Friday, February 17, 2012

Stressful Week

Well, I've had a stressful week. From waiting to hear from the building manager at the new apartment building in California, to realizing I have a small crack in my tooth and my dentist's assistant saying she doesn't have an appointment until March 8th (I'll be in L.A. by then!), to trying to figure when we're going to buy a new refrigerator for the's just been a tough, stressful, sleepless week.

Last night, Bry was snoring and I just couldn't go back to sleep, so I went into the living room, taking my pillow and laying down on the couch. I put the red throw from Ikea over me and ended up falling asleep. Bry came in there perhaps 2 1/2 hours later and told me to come get back into bed. I know I must have slept a decent amount, but I was awake for a little while. Nevertheless, I feel sleepless. It's probably the stress. And I'm not looking forward to starting from scratch with this new city, not knowing where everything else and getting lost a lot. Hell, I would still get lost in Chicago sometimes!

I know it's the start of something big and something I've been obsessing over since I was a kid. The dream of moving to L.A. and actually working in the business, as opposed to the little bit of acting I've done here. It's time to get on top of things. Start going over my monologues, both comedic and dramatic ones, redoing my resume, blah blah blah...who has time for that right now?! I still need to make a list of crap we aren't taking with us then calling my mom and aunts and asking them what they want, then dropping stuff off.

Meanwhile, I've been watching a shitload of "Entourage". I've loved Adrian Grenier since "The Adventures of Sebastian Cole". I adored him in that movie. Hell, I might buy it on Amazon or get it through Netflix. He's so beautiful.

But on the plus side, I heard from the building manager, she got the copy of the lease and the deposit. I sent it via the post office and paid extra so she would have to sign for it. I also bought the plane tickets. We're on track. We're so on track. Next week will probably be even more stressful.


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