Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So it's Valentine's Day..

So it's Valentine's Day, and I'm supposed to be super lovey and excited, but I can't help but feel stressed about this move. We paid the deposit, signed the lease, arranged to have our stuff and car shipped, and last night...I bought the plane tickets. It seems like it's been a long time coming, but it also feels like everything is moving so incredibly fast. In about 2 weeks, we'll be in Los Angeles, to stay, not to visit. I honestly feel like it's going to be a whole new world out there. There are so many more opportunities out there for all of us.

But also, this is my 11 year anniversary with Bry. By anniversary, I mean, of when we first met. We didn't actually technically get together until March of 2001, but we celebrate this as our anniversary. We've been together 11 years, married for 7...and no, I'm not counting around the times we broke up, lol. We've been through a lot together, including being there for each other through tough times. And even though I got him some really cool anniversary/Valentine's Day presents, I'm feeling bad that he got me this really nice thoughtful and beautiful card, and I didn't remember to get him one! I got cards for the girls (Hello Kitty ones that came with magnets and stickers) but I forgot to get him one! And he got me TWO! He got me one that said anniversary, and one that said Valentine's! Yes, I'm terrible. But I did buy him the Kinect for the XBox 360, so he can't complain too much, right? Besides, I blog and tweet all the time about how much I love him, so there. (excuses to make myself feel better)

We're going to take the girls to the Olive Garden for Valentine's. They love LOVE LOVE that restaurant. They mostly like the macaroni and cheese, breadsticks and the salad. We're going to dress them in pretty dresses, and I'm going to wear my new dress from ModCloth! Perhaps I'll post pics later.

Enjoy the rest of your Valentine's, Party People!

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  1. You are doing better than I am. I didn't get the boys anything. I don't imagine they will care much. I loathe valentines day and avoid the celebration of it when I can. I did treat the family to Outback, which the kids loved (mostly because they love going anywhere), to that totally counts, right?