Friday, February 24, 2012

A Week Away from L.A.

A little over a week now...I'm dreaming of sunshine, beaches, the walk of fame, the Hollywood sign...doing a film with James Cameron...ahhhh...about to live the dream, right?

But what if I get there and never get any work? My mom keeps saying "When you're famous"...there's a good chance that'll never happen, I'm aware. I think I'd be happy just acting regularly...maybe? I don't know. Some people need the I?

I've had a shitty week, which started with a tooth problem that was apparently caused by my toothpaste (Burn in hell Crest Pro Health!), then a cold I caught from the kids, then a really bad migraine yesterday. I was curled up on the couch like a baby, with no one to baby me because hubby was at work and the kids wanted juice and Goldfish crackers. Sucky week. On the plus, we're a week away from L.A.! Oh yeah! Come on, do a dance with me! Are you dancing?! Dance dammit! I would dance for you! That's better. Thanks!

Yeah, so that makes me feel better. That, and my bestie Jontynise Smith passed her exam to get her California cosmetology license (she already had her Illinois one), and that apartment now out there is so good and ours! Oh, and the new Eisley EP "Deep Space"! It moves my heart and my soul. It's romantic and beautiful and haunting and it's so amazing I feel lucky to know Sherri Dupree. Never did I think I could know someone who I thought so fondly of as a musician. It's like knowing Jeff Buckley to me...minus the whole been-dead-for-years-part.

It's after midnight. I should probably jump on the sleepy train while I still can. My aunt and I were having conversations about family secrets and earthquakes, then she ate one of my protein bars and I almost threatened to slap her eyes.

Laters lovelies!

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  1. Wow, sounds like life is getting crazy. Take a deep breath....and then dance some more!