Thursday, October 11, 2012

15 Things I plan to do with my recovery time...

Okay, so I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning. Then, after that, Bry, the husband, has 5 days off from work so I can recover. I plan to be in the bed moaning and in pain, or so he thinks. Really, in my mind, I'm going to be chilling and taking a mini-vacay. Here is a list of things I plan on doing while Bry is in the other room taking care of our 3 kids:

1. Watching the funniest DVDs of failed tv shows that I own: The Sarah Silverman Project, Stella, Clone High and Clerks: Uncensored. Yeah, boy!!

2. Netflix! I still need to catch up on Pretty Little Liars! My auntie Carol keeps going "Catch up! It gets really good!"

3. Crank texting people. I'm going to text random 213 and 323 (L.A. area) numbers and be like "I found a script at a Starbucks. It's really good" or "I saw you the other day in Hollywood. You're really hot".

4. Work on my comedy writing portfolio.

5. Pretend to be asleep everytime hubby comes in the room with a crazy question like "Should I give them dinner now" or "What should I cook them for dinner?" or "Are you in pain?"

6. Call Bry on his cell phone from my cell phone everytime I need something, like ice cream or a glass of water.

7. Finish reading this Mindy Kaling book then find something else to download and read from the Kindle store. I'm think Sarah Silverman's "The Bedwetter".

8. Come up with ideas for the play Lisa and I are going to write and put on somewhere here in L.A. sometime in the near future.

9. Text my mom and aunts, saying that I can't talk cause my mouth is too hurty.

10. Play with my Lalaloopsy dolls uninterrupted, without the kids. Ani is always trying to take Jewel Sparkles from me! Dammit!

11. Call my mom and just moan. Make her feel sorry for me, then maybe, perhaps, she'll move her happy ass out here to L.A. I can't even imagine any reason why she'd want to stay there when her awesome lovely daughter lives here. I mean, come on!

12. Play Scramble with Friends on my Kindle and my cell. Yep, both things. Have you played that game? Hella fun!

13. Create a wish list of things I want from Forever 21.

14. Figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of the year. Yes, some people need real plans. I need a real plan. I'm thinking of taking another writing class, this time at I.O. west, and buying up a whole set of yoga classes over here in Silver Lake. Gotta get ready for pilot season!

15. Tweet at celebs, begging them to read my blog. Yep, No shame. No shame at all.


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