Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can You Hashtag in a Blog?

My mouth hurts.

It's been 2 weeks since I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, and I must say, this pain is a vast VAST improvement. But I am just taking a few Motrin here and there. It's more like soreness now, as opposed to pain.

I've been making these videos for Youtube, using my phone. And it's just random jokey shit I'm doing around the house, no big woop, but I did this jokey thing about Sarah Palin and all these people on Twitter were all "You're a moron" this and "You're vile" that and "Obama's gonna lose" this so I told them, uh...what they can do with their butt and a plunger. Too far?

And right now Bry is carving a pumpkin and he's being so meticulous about this shizz and it's taking FOREVER and I just wanna go in the living room and watch Dexter, man! I mean! We were out all day, so I guess the time to do this would be now, but whatever...I'm over here jonesin' for some Dexter.

Oh well. I'm keeping him company in the dining room while the artist works. Every now and then we say words to each other. #bored

Is there a point in hash-tagging something in a blog??

My new Youtube:


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