Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Dead Oliver"...help me make my film!

"Dead Oliver"
A short film by Angelina Grace

"For 4 days, the world thought Oliver was dead. We watched it from our hotel room. Where we stayed. Where he hid. Where I hid with him." - Annabelle

The story of a young woman who meets a rock star, not knowing who he is, then agreeing to drive him up the coast of California so he can get away.

I'm looking for an actor to play Oliver, who's between the ages of 18-25 and can sing!

Donate to the cause! I'll accept any amount, via Paypal, and you'll receive an IMDB page as a producer on the film, your name in the end credits, and a copy of the DVD when the film is made!!! You have nothing to lose!

It's a 30-minute comedy/drama, set in Los Angeles, shot in HD.

Donate via PayPal!



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