Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Healthier Life

I used to be a vegetarian. After Anneka was born, Bry and I decided to be vegetarians.  I honestly have to admit it was because I just couldn't cook meat. I could cook, I've always been able to cook, but after having a baby, raw meat was just gross to me. And all of a sudden, I was always afraid that I was going to undercook the meat and end up with food poisoning. I know, it may sound ridiculous to some, but I was just so turned off from meat. It wasn't a huge shock to those who knew me, like family and friends, because I went through my teen years not eating very much meat and I was always considering an extremely "picky" eater.

No, I didn't get skinny from being a vegetarian, mostly because I was still eating semi-unhealthy. Yes, I was eating broccoli and potatoes and rice and Morning Star burgers. But I was also eating unhealthy things like potato chips and french fries and candy! When I was hungry, I would just grab a bowl full of Lays, because it was quicker than having to stand in the kitchen with a baby in your arms, trying to measure brown rice!

So recently, I've been more concerned with trying to get healthy. Not only because I'm in the entertainment business and I'm sorry, this business is obsessed with looks, that's the truth of it. I'm overweight, but I don't feel bad about myself or anything that's going to cause me to have an eating disorder. My goal is not to be skinny or a size 0. I really just want to be healthy because I don't want to have medical problems! I hate going to the doctor, but I also hate feeling tired and not being able to keep up with kids!

I started using this app on my iPhone called My Fitness Pal. It helps keep track of what you're eating, including how many calories you're taking in. I have to admit, sometimes I forget to log what I'm eating. I'm getting better at it, thankfully, with remembering. While writing this, it just dawned on me I should set up a reminder in my phone that'll say "Log Your Food!" or something to that affect.

And thanks to my girl Christina for the inspiration! We knew each other back in elementary school in Chicago. We reconnected via Facebook a few years ago and she's gone so far with her weight loss that she became an inspiration to me! I asked her what she did to lose weight and she gave me a bunch of great tips that's really helped! I should've asked her a long time ago!

I'm going to start blogging and vlogging on Youtube about my weight loss journey, as I try to eat healthier and workout more. Once upon a time I had a gym membership that I barely used...oh, that's for another post.

Later gators!


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