Saturday, March 15, 2014

Resurrection or The Returned: Which is Better?

There's a new show on ABC or NBC or some other channel that I barely watch that I'm very reluctant to watch. It's called Resurrection and it's very similar to a French show that I just finished watching called The Returned. The premise is the same, basically dead loved ones come back to life and try to resume their lives with their loved ones, who are understandably, freaked out.


I started watching The Returned or Les Revenants a few weeks ago, because of the suggestion of Conan writer Brian Stack on his Facebook page. I figure, if Brian says it's good, it must be good. I was bored, thought I'd give it a try and seeing as how it was on Netflix, I could binge watch it. After the first episode, I was blown away.

The Returned

It begins with a school bus crash off of a cliff. Young Camille has just died along with her high school class. She's 15. Back home, her parents and sister have gone in in their lives, though distraught. 4 years later, somehow, Camille returns, with no memory of the bus going over the cliff or dying. Her mother is shocked, her father is shocked, her sister is shocked.

Now I don't want to give too much away, in case you still plan on watching The Returned. As for Resurrection, the American version of the show, I'm not sure what to think. I read a review before last week's premier that said that if you were into The Returned, then Resurrection will be disappointing. So I decided not to watch it when it first premiered. Now I realize that's just stupid. How many other things that I like that critics panned? Some of my favorite films unperformed at the box office and critics trashed. Empire Records, Scott Pilgrim, Dream for An Insomniac, to name a few. I don't even think Dream for An Insomniac was ever out at the movies. That may have gone straight to DVD.

Either way, they are showing an encore presentation of Resurrection tonight and I'm going to watch it. I'll come back and write about what I thought after watching it. If you've seen either, or both, tell me what you think it the comments below!

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