Thursday, March 13, 2014

Busy Friggin' Week

Hi all.

I'm having a very busy week. The week started off with my 4 year old, one of the twins, losing her first tooth! She pulled it out herself and hid it! I was talking to her and looked at her and went "Baby, where is your tooth?!" She thought she'd done something wrong! I swear, these kids act like we hit them! (we don't, just for the record). Why in the world did she think she'd get into trouble for her tooth coming out?! The only thing I think is that we get on her for chewing on random things, like her stuffed teddy bear. I wonder if she thought she caused her tooth to come out because she was chewing on her bear? Who knows! Poor thing!

Then a few days later, while Anneka, my oldest, was at school, Laila ended up having a bad nosebleed! And it wouldn't stop! I had to call an ambulance. Usually their nosebleeds last a few minutes, and then she's fine. This was really bad. I'll spare you the gross and disturbing details, but now I'm paranoid about nosebleeds, so there's that.

Yesterday I went to a media luncheon for Equalizer shoes. They're doing a line of shoes designed by HGTV's David Bromstad. I got to meet him and I met a lot of other writers, bloggers and PR people. I also got to meet another HelloGiggles writer. She was really sweet. I actually got to pass out business cards!

Myself and HGTV's David Bromstad.

Today is busy, as it's my daughter's school open house! Wow. I always have a lot of mom things going on, huh?

Also, I'm in this beauty contest through People Magazine. I've done signed up for anything like this before, but it's pretty cool because all you have to do is hit "favorite" next to my picture.

No sign-up or anything. Also, if they pick me (based on my picture and people favoriting the picture), then I can be in an upcoming issue of People! How cool would that be to be in People magazine? Please vote, if you haven't already. And if you have, thanks! Here's the direct link:


  1. Angie you're such an inspiration! You're a doer if there ever was one. Glad your girl is OK!