Sunday, April 15, 2012

Promoting the Shit Out of It!

Me and Carmen Barton backstage at "Reservoir Bitches", opening night April 12th, 2012.

So as of right now, I'm promoting the shit out of this show! I'm like "I'm doing this show at the TreStage Theatre, Hollywood, 1523 N. La Brea, every Thursday through May, blah blah bloop" and hoping we get a huge crowd! I think all of us were just so jittery about opening night, we didn't advertise it as much as we should have. Our bad. I'm really big on Twitter...I mean, seriously, I'm in love with Twitter. Keegan-Michael Key said the play title was hilarious, but he's out of town until May. So I tweeted back at him to tell him the play runs until May 31st. I haven't heard anything back, but I'll remind him in May. How exciting. I've loved that man since I saw him on MadTV in the Taco Bell sketch and this fool, playing a Mexican immigrant, called a Chalupa a "little boat" and called the menu the "Raping Menu". I died. Love that guy. And of course, I watch the fuck out of his show "Key and Peele".

It's really friggin' awesome though that Saj Golde from "The Real L Word" said she'll come check it out this Thursday! I love that show so friggin' much. I recorded it every Sunday night, and really looked forward to it. And yes, I developed a crush on Kelsey (don't tell my husband I was crushing on a girl...oh wait...he knew! LOL) But I really, really liked Saj. She was so real and so down to Earth. She seemed like somebody I'd like to know in real life. And then, I found her Twitter, started tweeting at her, and she would tweet back! Kelsey would tweet back too, but Saj seemed to be always on Twitter, so she would tweet me right back, usually. Once I told her "Damn, you tweet as much as I do" and she went "What, should I not tweet so much...would that make you happy?" just joking around with me. That was hilare. What cool peeps. I spoke to a few other of the girls from the show on Twitter also. Made me love the show more!

I'm happy she's going to come, and hopefully Kelsey will too. I invited her also. And a few casting directors, including one who retweeted me! And of course, my kids' manager Michele Large' of Epic Talent Management, who I hope to impress the fuck out of!  LOL

Oh, did I mention I wrote "Local Couple Wins Lottery" as a full-length stage play?? I'm thinking about putting it on at the TreStage Theater...yep.

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