Saturday, April 28, 2012

Where They Get this From

I'm having a pretty good week. I woke up early this morning, before hubby had to start getting ready for work, and decided to go to Intelligentsia, this nice coffee bar in Silver Lake, which is not too far from my house. I got up, went there, found parking on the street and sat there drinking my chai latte and talking to my mom about why she's afraid to move to California. Okay, I get it, the earthquakes, the wildfires the mudslides, I get it, I really do. Those things are part of the reason why I never moved here before, truthfully. But in Chicago, I was afraid to drive around! I was afraid to go into the city for auditions and for my acting classes. I still did it, but I really got to the point of being terrified of getting shot in the face. Nobody wants to get shot in the face. Not to say that it couldn't happen here, because obviously, crime happens in L.A. too, duh! It just got to a point where people I grew up with were getting killed back to back. I lost two old friends in a month period! One in December, right before Christmas, and then again in January! The gang violence just got out of control and it wasn't just in one area, it was all over. It got dangerous to go downtown. I still love Chicago, I really, I do. I love it for its beauty and I love it because of its history and because of Second City and the amazing people that have come out of there and made great things of themselves. I'm just a little afraid of getting shot in the face. That's all.

But, in hindsight, there was an earthquake here today. A relatively small one, so small I didn't feel it and wouldn't even had known about it if it wasn't for the fact that it was a top story on Yahoo. So for a few hours after reading that, I thought I felt the floor shaking. At one point, Anneka's water bottle fell off the counter and hit the floor. I jumped like "what was that?" and Ani was like "I don't know". I was like "did you feel the floor move?" and she goes "No!" looking at me, like I'm crazy.

These kids...I'm sitting here trying to write this blog, and I've had to stop like 7 times. They're supposed to be eating dinner, and I'm at the table with them, but they're clowning around. I don't know where they get this snizz from. Clownshoe babies. Everything is a joke to them. Absolutely no clue where they get this from...

Yes, this is really how they are at dinnertime. I probably should be all "Knock it off! Have better table manners!" But whatever, they're little kids. And it's funny!

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