Thursday, December 4, 2014

Open Season?!

Is it open season on black men?? This affects all of us. Cops are getting away with murdering unarmed men. There isn't even an indictment before there is a miscarriage of justice. These cops haven't been arrested and won't go to trial. Something is wrong with this system. Something is terribly wrong when as a black woman, living in America, I have to worry about the same thing my people had to worry about in the 1960s, when my parents were children!

Yes, it makes me angry. It's not just a matter of color, it's a matter of human rights. We're all human and deserve the same rights. When black men seem to be the only ones murdered in cold blood, unarmed black men, then we should all rally together because it could be your son, your father, your cousin, your best friend. It's not just a black issue, it's an American issue.

This week was also a time of enlightenment. You begin to realize that there is more racism than you thought. Just read through your Facebook posts from your "friends" or your Twitter timeline. Those who stand with Darren Wilson, saying he had every right to shoot, multiple times, an unarmed Michael Brown, try to explain to me how you would feel if Michael Brown was your brother? And the cop sympathizers who believe we should just "do what we're told and we won't get shot"? Yes, that's an actual tweet I saw. What about 12-year-old Tamir Rice? Would he have been killed if he was a white child playing with a BB gun? And I'm sorry, did the cop yell for him to drop the weapon? Was he told to put his hands up and was given a chance to yell out "it's just a toy?!" Perhaps the "I thought it was a real gun" was just an excuse to kill another black male?

During the protests in Ferguson, I witnessed through the power of social media my people standing up for what they believe in. Were we supposed to shrug our shoulders and just say "The Grand Jury spoke, they must be right"?? No. Nothing ever changes in this world without people standing up for what they believe in.

Eric Garner didn't deserve to die. Michael Brown didn't deserve to die. And Tamir Rice and countless others did NOT deserve to die.


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