Sunday, August 5, 2012

Busy Sunday

Okay, so I didn't practice my stand-up routine today. Nor did I do yoga. But in my defense, I did get a good amount of exercise today. We went to a farmer's market, which was hot as balls. But we got a lot of free samples of fruit, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed. Then, we went to our favorite bookstore, which was fun! I sat there reading books to my girls, then looking through a tabloid magazine, I mean, uh, reading Tolstoy! Yeah, that. Something intellectual. Yep.

Then we went past Justin Bieber's favorite restaurant. No, he wasn't there. Dammit. I mean, shut up!

Then we drove through downtown L.A., which we hadn't been to in the 5 months we've been here. We decided to just drive around and look at the area. Yeah, weird. It kinda felt like downtown Chicago, but it wasn't. Then we ended up near MacArthur Park. Is that area supposed to be bad? Because I'm from the ghetto in Chicago, and that area really didn't seem that bad. Maybe because it was daytime? I don't know. It didn't look great, but I certainly wasn't scared. I said to Bry "let's get our asses back to the valley, we don't know where we are", so he pulled out the gps. Not a great idea to just drive around L.A. blindly, not knowing what certain areas are, with your 3 little girls. I would hate to get stranded in a bad area or something!

So we ended up back in Silverlake, at the Trader Joe's, and I got a gay equality bumper sticker from a guy standing outside, passing them out. So, yeah, today was pretty sweet. And yes, I'm tired as hell, but there was a new episode of "Breaking Bad" on tonight! Uh, hello, kids are in bed, time to power up that DVR!

Later Gators!

I have to register Ani for school tomorrow. Ugh. I'm dreading this. I'm real nervous about my baby starting Kindergarten. Future me is screaming, "Angie, she will be fine! She needs this! It's your problem, not hers!" Lol. Yeah, my problem, not hers. She's really excited!

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